Canterbury Concepts studreach grabrails are strong and stable

Canterbury Concepts studreach grabrails are a superior design because they utilise rails which can be cut to suit the
wall studs and large single screws enabling fixing into the core of the wall studs.

Maximised stability anchoring to wall stud

To enable a strong and reliable handhold the grab rail needs to be securely fastened to the wall. To do this it’s critical the fastening is located in the structural part of the wall, which is typically the timber stud located behind the plasterboard.

However, wall studs are positioned when homes are constructed and vary enormously.

The advantage of the modular design of Canterbury Concepts allows the grab rails to be cut to the required length to suit the distance between the studs.

Maximised strength with a single fixing

Through extensive testing we found that our grab rail withstood a greater force using one single fixing located through the centre of the wall flange into the centre of the stud.

Fixed length rails use multiple fixings requiring odd angles to suit the studs.

With Canterbury Concepts each fixing uses one large screw, which fastens into the centre of the stud to maximise strength and optimise safety.


Canterbury Concepts rails are manufactured for strength, durability and safety. Our design and specifications use 32mm aluminium, which is strong and durable, while being easy to individually cut to any required length.

Our rails have a ribbed design to prevent twisting of the rails in the user’s hand and are powder coated with finishes to maximise grip and optimise safety. 


The design specification for Canterbury Concepts components is the result of exhaustive research into how to maximise strength and stability. We found that by adding fibreglass to the nylon we could manufacture components that were much stronger, more stable and rigid, more abrasion resistant and less likely to distort at high temperatures.

This design specification ensures the vast array of components in the Canterbury Concepts range are all maximised for strength, stability and durability. Our range includes a wide selection of bases, elbows, brackets and fixings to create any rail configuration required.

Research and testing also determined the superior way to fasten endsets to the wall. To create a strong and secure grabrail, our endsets are fastened to the wall with a single heavy duty screw fixed into the wall stud, which is smartly concealed in the base.

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