Same day installation

Because our grabrails can be cut to fit on the spot, we can have you staying at home sooner – mobile, independent and safe. No need to wait for offsite manufacturing of your rails, or specialised tradespeople to install. With Canterbury Concepts the installer can visit once and install your grabrails the same day. Or you can install them yourself or ask family or a friend for help.

Step by step guide to installing grabrails

Locate studs and mark fixing position on wall.

Drill screw holes to a depth of 45 to 50 mm and lightly fix wall flange in position. 

Trial fit elbow to wall flange, then measure and cut aluminium rail allowing 1 mm for thickness of each dress ring. The rib in the dress ring is off centre – the larger side should be fitted over the rail.

Assemble elbows to rail, trial fit to wall flanges, align locking pin holes, then remove.

Finally, tighten wall flange and refit exposed ends of elbows into wall flanges. Insert the locking pins.

Rail cut off allowances

When measuring and cutting rail, allow for the following:

GR01 – 60mm (30mm each end)
GR0C – 70mm (30mm + 40mm for cut off base)
GR02/90 – 30mm from the rail on each side
GR02/45 – 30mm from the rail on each side
GR02/30 – 30mm from the rail on each side
GR0CD – 90mm from the rail on each side

Note: these allowances are a guide only and all measurements should be checked on site. – ensure end of pin is engaged in the other side before tapping or pressing home with multigrips.

Fixing bases

Timber studs: Type 17 Timberfix Climaseal screws are provided.

Solid masonry: Use the Type 17 screws provided into Hilti Hud 8 masonry anchors or use appropriate dynabolts.

Steel studs: For studs up to 0.8 mm thick wall thickness use Type 17 Timberfix Climaseal screws provided. For heavier steel studs use TW Buildex Metal Teks or Ajax Steelfix 12-14 of appropriate length.

Hollowed or cored masonry: Refer to your engineer for advice.

Helpful hints

Leave rail in plastic sheath whilst cutting.

Cut rail using hacksaw with mitrebox or suspended mitre saw.

When cleaning, carefully remove loose deposits with a wet sponge and rinse off with clean water. For more information see our cleaning flyer.

Protect head of locking pin with cloth when installing.

Drill wall tiles with ceramic tile drill bit.

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