Gravity Toggles

Gravity toggles (or cavity fasteners) clamp the toggle behind the wall material, allowing a larger disbursement of the load on the fixing, which in turn ensures a stronger fixing. Canterbury Concepts patented* gravity toggles have been designed for safety and strength, with our unique centering sleeve restricting lateral movement and maximising stability. To satisfy the load requirements of AS 1428 Design for Access and Mobility, all grabrails should be secured to structural building members and not to wall linings. The combined strength of a pair of fittings must withstand a load of 1,100N (110 kg) ie 550N (55 kg) each end. The toggle has been tested through 10 mm plasterboard to average a minimum of 550N (55 kg) and through 10 mm villaboard to approximately 600N (60 kg). The toggle itself was tested to average 2,300N (230 kg). * This product is the subject of Australian Patent Number 2004200862

GT (Gravity Toggle)

Gravity toggles come in large and small sizes: Large: 80 x 18 x 15 mm.  Small: 80 x 12 x 10 mm