WBL (Large Wall Bracket)

Allows for 270º hand travel per the Australian Standards. Support for studreach grabrails longer than 1,000 mm (install at intermediate stud). This means that all spans shall be less than 1000mm. For more complex situations it is recommended you contact us for advice. Use a WBL to support a cantilevered rail – maximum length of cantilever 200 mm. Use WBL’s to support long lengths of grabrail in a corridor.
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SER (Small End Ring)

Small end ring supports a rail that butts straight into the wall.
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LER (Large End Ring)

Finish a rail at 90º to wall or floor. The LER can be used for rails extending from floor to ceiling, or with pipe bend (PB) and connecting (CR) for added lateral support to vertical rails.
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CR (Connector Ring)

Connects pipe bend to rail for added lateral support. Also used to connect rails to each other at 90º for support.
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